The Power Of Networking

I have done a lot of reading about how to start an LLC. This is something I can do on my own, but per the advice I have read, I should have a lawyer review my startup documents. I plan to start out as a sole proprietor, so the paper work will be fairly simple and straightforward.  So finding an attorney should also be simple, right? Not exactly. Everything I have read strongly cautions against simply picking a lawyer out of the yellow pages. The reasons include: not all attorneys have knowledge of business law, and not all attorneys will be willing to let me do all the work; some may want to do everything for me, and I cannot afford that.

To find a good lawyer, I turned to my (you will have to sign in to see the discussion) LinkedIn network, and they did not let me down. I received some great advice, leads I didn’t expect, and I connected with several new people and expanded my network.

One of my contacts, an attorney in Wisconsin (I wish she practiced in New York, and I told her this), gave me the good advice that every business needs a good lawyer, and a good accountant. I already have an excellent accountant. In fact, I will give them a good plug:

It is a small business; they don’t have a website, but they are listed on Google plus: Cole Income Tax Service in Williamson, NY. They are great; Linda Strong has done my personal income taxes for several years. You can also read the Better Business Bureau’s review of Cole Income Tax on the BBB’s site.

Next, I will start contacting these attorneys, and see if they are willing to take me on as a client, with the understanding that I plan to do most of the work myself, to keep my startup costs as low as possible.

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