Eve and Her Daughters: The Myths, the Legends, and the Truths


Part 1: The First Woman

There are several good articles online about the interesting and complex subject of Mitochondrial Eve. According to the first article, Mitochondrial Eve, believed to be the common ancestor of all living people, was a woman who lived in Africa thousands of years ago. The scientists who discovered the mtDNA call her Eve.

 “So what about all of the mtDNA of the other women who lived during “Eve’s” time? What happened to it? Simply this: Somewhere between now and then, they had female descendants who had only sons (or no children). When this happened, the passing on of their mtDNA halted.”

This explanation seems flawed; there is no proof or precedent; such a thing has never happened before or since, that I am aware of, but there is a ton of proof that the bible is true.

This is an interesting article, even though it seems to be biased to one viewpoint.

Mitochondrial DNA is a huge, complicated subject; one I don’t plan to go into detail about (You’re welcome). However, the findings seem to support what the bible teaches.

The writer of the next article takes the viewpoint that Mitochondrial Eve is not our common ancestor. However, the writer seems to be eager to prove that Mitochondrial Eve could not be the Eve of the bible. Also, he or she is guilty of using some contradictions:

The Mitochondrial Eve of 200,000 years ago (ME for short henceforth) is NOT our common ancestor, or even common genetic ancestor.”

Then in the next sentence, the writer says that M.Eve is our most recent common ancestor. Potato Patahto, as if the words “most recent” make a difference:  an ancestor is an ancestor is an ancestor. Then the author goes into this wild what-if story:

“Consider an extremely prolific woman living today. She has many daughters and takes a vacation to a remote Caribbean island for a week. During the same week, a plague of a mutated Ebola virus sweeps the Earth and drastically decreases the fecundity of all living women…Only this one woman and her daughters who were off in this Caribbean island are safe from the viral plague. Also, assume that the viral plague consumes itself within that fateful week. This woman and her daughters are now free to breed in a world where their reproductive potential far outstrips that of every other woman alive (and to be born of these women). Soon, almost every one on Earth will be related in some fashion to this one woman. Finally, when the last woman who was born to one of the matrilineal descendants of an infected woman dies, the non-infected Caribbean tourist takes on the title of the new Mitochondrial Eve. Every human alive on Earth at that point in time is now related via the mitochondrial line to her.

This is just as far-fetched as the theory in the first article, which it only seems to mimic without adding anything new. What he or she is trying to say makes sense, but it is not plausible. Chance and chaos are by definition random, and never as orderly as what the writer is trying to describe. The argument is further flawed because the hypothetical woman still would not be the most recent common ancestor of everyone on earth. Finally, the writer concludes with discussing a Y-chromosome Adam:

“I mentioned the Y-chromosome Adam (YcA for short) earlier in discussing patrilineal descent. The YcA has also been identified (by the careful sequencing of a small region of the Y-chromosome that all men carry) and has been dated considerably more recent than the ME (yet another slap-in-the-face for bibliolaters—their Adam and Eve lived many tens of thousands of years apart).”

If they lived many tens of thousands of years apart, what happened to all the men who lived before this Y-chromosome Adam? The writer doesn’t even attempt to address this, important question.

Here is another what-if story: What if we can trace our DNA back through our male ancestors? The bible says that the Great Flood wiped out everyone except Noah and his family. If this is true, and it is, then the above-mentioned “Y-Chromosome Adam” would really be Noah, because there would be no one else left for us to be descended from. Also, Noah lived many years after the biblical Eve. However, the next article gives an even better explanation.

This article looks at the other side of this issue, from a creationist point of view:

“the dates assigned to mitochondrial Eve had been said by evolutionists to rule out the biblical Eve….But these dates were based upon ‘molecular clock’ assumptions, which were calibrated by evolutionary beliefs about when certain evolutionary events occurred, supposedly millions of years ago. When these assumed rates were checked out against the real world, preliminary results indicated that the mitochondrial ‘molecular clock’ was ticking at a much faster rate than evolutionists believed possible. That is, it directly ‘challenges’ the evolutionary long-age claim. If correct, it means that mitochondrial Eve lived 6,000 to 6,500 years ago, right in the ballpark for the true ‘mother of all living’ (Genesis 3:20).”

This explanation makes a lot of sense; it simply states the fact that the dates given for Mitochondrial Eve are incorrect. Nevertheless, people will believe what they want to believe, in spite of overwhelming evidence that disproves what they choose to believe. Still, truth is not subjective.

Some people say that Eve is a myth. The bible says that she would bring forth children in sorrow, which was part of the curse on her. I want to look at some of the sorrows that the daughters of Eve have faced in the past, and are facing today.

Next: Part 2: The Amazons:

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