Research, Research, and more Research…

I have been thinking about working as a virtual assistant since before I started college. I have researched it, a lot, online, and in books. I have found a lot of useful information, and now, (drum roll) I’m ready to take the plunge. However, this does not mean I am giving up on my traditional job search, because I think it would be dumb to do that, as this process could take, never mind could, it probably will take a long time. At first, I planned to file a DBA as a sole proprietor, but now, after what I have read recently, that I might be better off incorporating as an LLC. Today, I printed out a ream of forms from SCORE, and the county website. Monroe county that is, because I am planning to move to Rochester. Hubby and I have been talking it over, both the move and the business, and he thinks both are good ideas. Which I‘m glad for. Makes it a lot easier than if he didn’t.

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