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I checked out some books from the library recently. Nolo has some very good resources for people interested in starting a business. These ones have helped me:

Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual, by Anthony Mancuso

Form Your Own Limited Liability Company, by Anthony Mancuso

How to Write a Business Plan, by Mike McKeever

Legal Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business, by Fred Steingold

These are all excellent books for anyone who is, like me, interested in starting their own business. I found these books available at the library, and they are available at, along with many other helpful resources and legal information.

I think that more and more people will be taking the self-employment route. If Obamacare is enacted, it will result in a snowball effect in many areas. Employers who are faced with having to provide all of their full time employees with health care are likely to cut back either their employees’ hours, or cut jobs all together, in order to cut costs. That is not going to help our economy. Neither will our economy be helped by an increase in the number of people on Medicaid.

Medicaid is not free—it comes out of our taxes. In spite of what Obama claimed in the interview with Stephanopoulos (I don’t have space here to go into details about everything, if you would like more information, I suggest you listen to Obama’s interview with George Stephanopoulos, and look into the terms of Obamacare for yourself.), Obamacare is a tax.

I am all for people having health care, but not when the people no longer have a choice, not when insurance companies no longer have a choice about who they will cover, not when employers don’t have a choice. It may sound good on the surface, but it is not free, it is coming out of our tax dollars.

It is not creating jobs; it is taking jobs away. As I said earlier, I think we will see more and more small businesses cropping up: sole proprietorships, and independent contractors.

Employers are going to be less willing to hire, much less pay out benefits. Therefore, I think we are going to see an increase in the number of independent contractors. That is what I plan to do, and for those interested in doing likewise, I plan to write about my adventures, to help likeminded people.

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