Resurrecting Anastasia Part II

Anna Anderson was by far the most convincing of the imposters. She allegedly was able to recall things that her supporters claimed only the real Anastasia would know. For example, when Anastasia’s friend Gleb Botkin visited Anna, she asked him if “he had brought any pictures of his funny animals.’” When Gleb and the real Anastasia had played together as children, he had drawn pictures of imaginary animals for her, and the fact that Anna knew this was enough to convince Gleb Botkin that she really was Anastasia; immediately after this he became her strongest supporter (King and Wilson 175).

Anna Anderson was the same height as Anastasia, their eyes were the same vivid blue and they suffered from a similar foot deformity, but there the resemblance ended. To some people who have seen side-by side photographs  of them, it is obvious that the shape of their faces are very different, with the biggest difference being in the shapes of their mouths; Anna Anderson has large full lips, but Anastasia had a small mouth with thin lips.

In spite of this evidence, many people were convinced that she was Anastasia. Gleb Botkin and his sister Tatiana believed her, but those who had been closest to Anastasia, such as her aunts, Olga and Irene, who visited Anna Anderson, were convinced that she was an imposter (Massie 167).

Then in the 1940s, this already complex story became even more challenging.

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3 thoughts on “Resurrecting Anastasia Part II

  1. Anastasia S

    What do you believe?

    • I believe that Anna was an imposter, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions, such as why the Romanov family allowed Anna to be buried in the Romanov burial plot. None of the scientists who have studied the remains of the Romanovs have been able to agree on which of the skeletons is Anastasia. There were a lot of things that made me wonder, and like a lot of people, I wanted to believe that Anastasia had somehow survived the massacre, and that the Bolsheviks had not managed to kill the entire Romanov family. But in the end I decided that the evidence that Anna was an imposter is more convincing. I think part of the reason that she was so convincing was that a lot of people wanted to believe she was Anastasia. It’s easy to convince people who want to be convinced.

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